Who is Jimmy Public?

This is the story about a chap called Jimmy who, after leaving school, packed his bags to explore the world and discover the finer things in life. Whilst travelling, he met passionate producers of artisanal goods like spices, coffees, wines and more, and visited the places where they were made.

Being the character that he was, he wouldn’t pay short visits to these farms and vineyards, but instead stayed for extended periods of time, making friends and helping where he could. After years abroad, Jimmy returned home filled with a passion for good food and wine.

Enriched by his discoveries and the wealth of relationships he had developed throughout his travels, Jimmy started sourcing the very best produce and brought it home.

Meet Jimmy Public.

Jimmy listens to vinyl.

He has a dog. His name is Miles.

Jimmy loves photography.
This is his camera.

Jimmy is a keen explorer.

He has a pocket knife.

And other useful things.

Jimmy owns a bicycle...

With a basket.

Jimmy’s Range

In his travels, Jimmy has sourced the very best produce that the world has to offer and wants to make it accessible to enthusiastic and aspiring cooks, at great value and convenience.

Jimmy’s full range is available on Yuppiechef.

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Jimmy Public Coffee


Containing nothing but the best coffee beans, this blend is versatile and suitable for both espresso and filter brewing methods.

Jimmy Public Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Jimmy Public Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold extracted, thus maintaining its health benefits. Sourced from South Africa’s Cape Winelands and made from only the best quality Italian olive varieties, it is available in 500ml and 750ml.

Jimmy Public Salt Slab

Salt Slab

This pure Himalayan salt slab, made to cook or cure foods on, is full of trace minerals that impart a rich flavour to dishes impossible to achieve with conventional salt. Slowly heat it on the stovetop, in the oven or on the barbecue to cook food, or freeze it overnight for serving cold dishes.

Jimmy Public Spices


Did you know that it doesn’t take too much time to throw together your own unique blends of spices, grind it up in a pestle and mortar or food processor (smelling the unique aromas coming together), and flavour your food the old-fashioned (and preservative- and additive-free) way?